Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Someone is sitting pretty today.
Last night, I cast on while watching "Tudor Monastery Farm" (thank you youtube!) and two episodes later, this pair of shoes was finished for Miss Allietta.
A gray merino wool with a yellow ribbon tie.

I was so please that they turned out and fit her so well.
And I think she is, too.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hello Dolly

 Meet Allietta.  I made this little girl as a friend for my little girl.  I made her several years ago.
 She was my first attempt at a "Waldorf" doll.  She is made of cotton tricot and stuffed with wool.
 I'm studying her, because I am feeling the desire to make some more little tikes like her.  I'm looking at her to see the areas I want to improve on. 
She's so adorable. But let's face it. She has some issues.  Her hands splay out to the side and her feet are just little squishy pads.  I think I can improve on that.
Some of the thread shaping her cheeks must have snapped as you can see a little bump of thread under the "skin" on her face.  It looks like a little nose, although I did not give her a nose originally.
 And her hair has always been a little unkempt.  Mohair is like that, but after several years sleeping in the bed of a real living girl, she's looking a bit messy.
 But she's just still so sweet.  Since I've had her out studying her, I decided to knit her a sweater.
She sat so sweetly next to me on the sofa as I knitted it.  I think she likes it.

I'm looking forward to making some friends for her this spring.  In other news, I sold the piggy in my etsy shop.  He's going to be living down south.  He'll like that.  It's been so frigid cold and snowy here.

I have two more pigs waiting for finishing touches that may be listed soon.  Or they may want to stick around and play with Allietta.  We'll see.