Sunday, November 17, 2013


Curly tails. Perky snouts. Hefty torsos. Floppy ears. 

Stuffed pigs with knitted curly tails and bodies made from felted wool sweaters. This is the sort of creature little arms can snuggle, carry in a football hold, and use for a nap time pillow.  They look lovely tossed onto sofas, or guarding the hearth.  

I made these for a country craft fair that I was in with my friend Sue of My Checkered Past.  Sue creates a new life for old furniture and architectural elements by transforming them with paint and ingenuity.  It was Sue's first show with her furniture business, and I was happy to be able to help her man the booth and show some of my wares.  It was great to spend the time outdoors in September with a lot of recycling/old-stuff-loving enthusiasts.