Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truly Scrumptious and Lil' Pig

I bought some wool sweaters from a thrift store and tried to felt them in the washer with the intention of creating "something."  Some didn't felt as well as the others.  I also managed to score a 100% cashmere sweater for only $2.  I washed that, too. 

Truly Scrumptious
From the cashmere, I made my daughter the softest pair of fingerless gloves.  Yum!  They are scrumptious, truly.  (I love that character, that song and so much more from that movie, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.")I still have more of this left.  I don't know what it will be yet, but it will certainly be scrumptious.

Lil' Pig
From a dark grey men's vest, I made very rotund pig. I didn't have any wool stuffing, so it is stuffed with polyfill.  I'd like to make him again with wool inside.  It just feels more solid and warm. That's a little gnome behind him.  I'll highlight him in another post sometime. Lil' Pig seemed so bland, so I spruced him up with some blue blanket stitching.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

These were going to be socks.

I used far less that the 1 skein of Zitron Trekkling (XXL) to make these little gloves.  I had intended on a pair of socks for myself using the Stripes Alive pattern.  But I lost interest in the socks, and started over with a pair of gloves for my cold hands. They are quite loose. I am a loose knitter.  Everything turns out so big and loose.  I used "0" needles in the 2-at-a-time circular needle method and finished both at the same time.  It was quite a tangly web for a time.  I was too lazy to wind 2 balls (I've got to get a winder). So I took the end from the outside of the skein for one glove, and the end from the center of the skein for the other glove. Knitting both with the circular needles often resulted in crisscrossing yarn, but I stuck with it and it all came out OK in the end.

It turns out another pair of socks may soon be on the needles.  The young man who now owns and wears  these socks just gave me a great compliment when he told me he wished I would make many more of these as they are his favorite socks.  Compliments will get him everywhere!