Saturday, November 19, 2011

Doesn't Take Direction Well...

One Oct. 7th I wrote:
Something has gone awry with my Cadence sweater knit-along.  I was in a hurry.  It started alright, I read the chart just fine (better than past experiences with charts).  In fact, it was looking quite nice and I was feeling quite good about it, until I looked closely, squinting at the directions, and there it was in BOLD:

"Important: Read Ahead!  Chart patterns, sleeve shaping, and front/back shaping are worked at the same time, beginning on the next round."

What?  I just completed the whole chart. Oops!  I wasn't feeling that confident about getting much wear out the sweater.  The knit is loose and my experience is that such a knit tends to be tighter and looser in different areas, and so as the knit is stretched it can be more  "see through" in different areas.  I bailed.   No.  I'm not ripping it up. I decided to keep knitting in the round and make it into some sort of "poncho-lette".  Which, in fact, IS something I would wear quite a lot.


Nevermind!  I wrote that a month ago.  Since then, I un-bailed!  I ripped out stitches an backed up and divided and made my sweater.  Here it is in progress:

And finished:
 I can't believe it was Sept. 8th when I posted my yarn and got started.  That took too long!  I'm not that patient.  I guess I'm feeling gutsy now that I've completed my first sweater for myself, because I plan on knitting a beautiful lacy cowl, Eleanor, next.  I even got some Lorna's Laces in a nice shades of green, called "Baltic Sea."

Monday, November 07, 2011

Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Cookies for Kids’ Cancer
31 Hoffmans Crossing Rd
Califon, NJ 07830

Dear “Cookies”,

I hosted a bakesale at a high school during a cheerleading competition. It was easy to get others involved and I had several bakers and helpers at our table. I'm so thankful for their help and dedication. The picture below is our table just before the event opened. (I’m seated and two of my helpers stand ready .) As soon as the cheerleaders were let out for lunch, we were swamped with customers!

I am thrilled to present you with a donation of $380.00 to continue the important work of research to find a cure and better treatments for childhood cancers.