Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Pottery

I spent some time this summer at  weekly beginners' pottery class.  I'm proud to have made many vessels that actually function!  I even learned to attach a handle.  My work is definitely that of a beginner, but I'll keep trying and learning.  Next, I want to work on nice wide bowls.

During my class many of my classmates had very definite ideas of what they wanted their finished pieces to look like.  As beginners, this perhaps isn't the best attitude. You often get very different looking pieces after glazing than you imagine them.  I've done this before and remembered that.  For most of the crafts I do, I try to remember that it is the process that I am enjoying, and the finished product will be a joy no matter what it looks like.  I enjoyed making these very much.  Now, I enjoy using them.  I've learned a lot, too.  I'm ready for my next batch!  I plan on buying some clay this week.