Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 Hats in 2 Days

Ta Da! An instant knitting fix.  One modeled by me, the other my son (you can tell we are related by the hair!).  So satsifying to knock out a project to completion within 24 hours.  I'm working on another hat right now with the leftovers.
Size Medium - Valery

Size Large

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


First hat from Hip Knit Hats has begun.  It is the "Valery" hat, and I procured yarn for it today during a break at work.  The LYS within walking distance didn't carry the Brown Sheep's  Burley Spun, so I substituted a Berroco Sundae, which is Wool/Acrylic in a dark brown and a mossy green.  I just completed a swatch, and accordingly, I need size 11 needles.  Next, I am off to find size 11 dpn, 16" cn and 24" cn.  I'm looking forward to getting this on the needles, and I'm doing my best to be accurate as I go.  My "fly by the seat of your pants" knitting, has caused some unwearable knitting in past.  I want to turn a new leaf and make all my knitting wearable.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emotional Hangover

Had a wonderful birthday party last night.  Hot mulled wine (obsessing over this - so soothing), shrimp cocktail, chocolate covered pretzels, hummus, spinach dip, vegan mango cheesecake, cheese, fresh baked homemade pretzels, tamales, blondies, brownies. Live band. Laughter. I have so many wonderful friends.  They went all out with delicious food, drinks and some lovely gifts--they know me well.


A painting based on a photo of me.

 A handknit scarf.


  And time with friends.

 And this book, which I have been lying in bed reading this morning.  I will be shopping for wool shortly.

I'm so lucky. I really enjoyed it.  I work hard to feel as much of the pleasure as I can. I work up an occasion, have a fun-filled night, yet I am relieved when it is over. It seems there is a price to be paid for fun.  Many know this as a hangover.  For me it is an emotional hangover, extracted in tears and heartache. Never truly happy without my girl.  It's a letdown.   After everyone leaves and the house is cleaned, I feel the crash. Now to cry and ache so that I can return to numb.

I wonder why I ever venture out of this protective numb shell.  But sometimes, I just want to feel. Perhaps this is part of the healing, but I don't think I will ever fully leave it behind.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Embracing the Lasagna Scarf

It has taken 3 days of wearing this scarf to make me love it.  It didn't turn out as planned, so I had to modify it, and I thought it was too itchy.  I decided to embrace it for what it was, force myself to wear it, and now after 3 days, I can finally say I love this scarf.  If for any reason, it looks artsy.   Other than that, it is WARM, it is interesting and it matches anything and everything. It reminds me of a very long lasagna noodle with its ruffled edges.  
I began by casting on 1125 stitches on size 0 circular in Kureyon Sock.  That is the multicolored ruffle.  Decreased for 4 rows down to 375 st and switched to Blue Sky Alpaca on size 2.  Knit, knit, knit in garter then return to sock yarn and increase to create a ruffle on the other side.  Since it was smushed on the circular needles all of that time, I had no idea how long it would be!  Too, too long.  I folded it in half and ran a stitch through so now it looks like a folded super-long lasagna noodle.  Pinned it with a kilt pin, and I finally like it.