Thursday, September 18, 2008

Woot woot!

Thank you , Thank you to everyone who has generously helped me reach my fundraising goal for CureSearch's Virtual Walk!

September is not over yet and we've received $580 in donations to help fund research to find a cure for childhood cancer!

See the thermometer? I'm thrilled with the support. If you'd like to donate, there is a link to the right for my favorite charity.

I have volunteered to work on a Milestones Walk in 2009 to raise funds for childhood cancer research. I will keep you posted on that when I have more info. It will be in the metro-Detroit area and it will be a way to show your support once again, through donations or walking yourselves! I hope it will also raise awareness for this cause.

Childhood cancer research is so underfunded. It's not glamorous, edgy or pleasant, but it is a reality that needs to be understood and addressed. Fortunately, survival rates have increased since the past, but that isn't enough. The means to defeat the childhood cancer - chemotherapy, radiation and surgery - are in and of themselves debilitating, often causing second cancer diagnosis in the future, developmental problems, and lifelong handicaps. With research, better treatment methods will be found and hopefully, ultimately, a cure so that no child will have to face cancer again.

Thanks for your support.

With hope for a cancer-free future for everyone,


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm thankful for...you, Ingrid!

What a beautiful and lovely day it was when we celebrated Ingrid's 7th birthday. I don't even know if I can put into words the gratefulness that I feel in having her here with me each day. Every day is such a blessing to awake to her sweet face and kind remarks. The other day she sat next to me on the sofa in the morning, us both in our PJs and asked what my plan for the day was. I told her that I would take her siblings and her to school, then I had some errands to run. I would pick her up early from school and take her to her monthly check-up at the doctor. She gave me the most dear grin and said, "Mom, you always have such nice day plans." Her outlook is so wonderful to to look through. She makes the little mundane things so nice.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Argh! What kind of blogger am I with no pictures? I took some great ones yesterday, but there was no memory card in the camera! What I wanted to blog about was this:

The morning was spent sewing and sewing and sewing. I had four birthday presents to finish up. Three sisters and the lovely wife of my nephew were all celebrating their birthdays on Sunday. I decided to make them each a set of cloth napkins. It took me at least an hour to pick out the fabric for each of them. Then I cut out 32 18" squares and hemmed all four edges, ironed and viola! My nephew's little girl also had her first birthday this summer, so I asked my husband to get out my youngest daughter's tricycle and get it ready for another toddler. He scrubbed it clean in the backyard, tightened the nuts and bolts and declared it ready. Taking the time and effort to make gifts for the ones we love is so rewarding. Much more so for me than to spend an hour rushing through a mall to purchase them. And passing down a much loved and very useful toy feels just as good. There was a lot of good karma floating in and around our house this morning. The whole family was feeling the rush of good wishes that were incorporated into each of those gifts. Everyone piled into the van and we were off to celebrate the love that we have for these special people.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Harvest

As autumn winds begin to blow - cooling our mornings and yellowing our leaves, I feel a sense of excitement in air. I look forward to the woolly sweaters and scarves, walks through the leafy pathways and the crispness in the air. This is when I wish I had resisted temptation and let my hair grow long and heavy. This is when I want to fall into some sort of painting rich in warm golden color and heavy with clothes of tapestry, velvet and wool. I feel closest to the earth in this season more than the others as I am called to harvest the crops and make ready for the cold of winter.

In the middle of this beautiful picture (to me) the reality of school schedules, bills, and responsibilities come crashing in. To preserve my fantasy, I think I will make sure to savor a little of this season every day with a walk through nature with my children, and a bit of quiet time in the back yard watching the change, warm soups and stews to stave off the chill and of course, a warm woolly sweater!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Skirts! Prairie Skirts!

I just finished some calico skirts for my little lovelies. This style has got to be the most comfortable and easy to make, too! I hope a wave of homemade-clothing-love washes over my girls and they ask for more clothes from mom, but that may be a pipe dream. I can dream anyway!