Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reusable-"Green" Sandwich Wraps

My latest project is a sandwich wrapper that doubles as a place mat. It is really very easy to make. My son is trying to make his lunch more "green" so that he is not throwing out plastic after every lunch. This cotton wrapper can be used for sandwiches or other items like cookies or a muffin. So far he likes using it and hasn't lost it. I made one for his friend, too.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Curiosity? Voyeur? Time to skip the News!

What is it about these recent news stories that has me glued to reading each article? First it was the Fundamentalists down in Texas. I'm not sure it was so good to remove the children. It seems to me they are being punished and it is the adults who should have been removed. You know what I mean? The kids aren't criminals. I know in reality it just doesn't work that way with cases of child abuse. It just seems a bit backwards. Take away the perps!

So anyway, I just love to look at the pictures of these people. That is sick of me, isn't it.

And now, the latest story about the father abusing his daughter for 24 years! What? Nobody knew. How can that be? For some reason, I find this story just as riveting.

Watching this stuff makes me feel a bit creepy. I think I need a media break.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Badge of Bravery

These are my daughters medals. They are medals of honor, valor, courage, bravery, innocence, virtue, persistence and strength. My sister (her aunt) had the great idea to award her a charm for each of her chemotherapy treatments upon completion. Yesterday she was able to add her 13th charm. She added another bracelet to the chain to make it a charm necklace. She is my hero.