Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Refashioned - Recycled

I fashioned some skirts for my girls from dresses that I had made years ago. They no longer fit, so I cut off the bib, finished the edge and added elastic and viola - skirts. A few more years wear I believe.

This week I also made some shorts from long pants that were either too short or worn in the knees (no photos).

For myself, I took a frumpy long sleeved dress, cut the sleeves, shortened and made a belt from the trimmings! I like it.

Now that these items are on their second life, I am even more comfortable wearing them. No worries about stains, etc. I'm already getting more than I bargained for! I wear what was once a "dress up" dress out in the garden! I've been seen digging holes in the dirt while wearing it. Gotta like that.