Saturday, December 23, 2006

A lovely day...

I am finally relaxing today, on the first day of my "vacation" from work and the children's from school. The girls spent the day with me making cookies and enjoying the new pace (for the next week and a half anyway). They are some proud bakers. And I am proud, too.

Scarves to the Rescue!

A week ago, it was a mad dash to get gifts ready and sent so that they would arrive in the Czech Republic on time. I wanted to make something for some wonderful women, but I was short on time. After a mad dash through my stash (no rhyming intended there) I came up with these scarves. I hope they enjoy them. The scarves were made utilizing bits of my stash and some fancy stitching on the Pfaff machine I got last Christmas from my dear husband. I am still getting to know it. I had a bit of wonderful silk and luckily some cotton that set it off! I'm quite happy with them and I think I need one next. I still have the tiniest bit of silk!